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So, this past week has been so incredibly busy that I feel like I have just caught up with the rest of the world.  It has been just crazy.  But I thought I would share some of the new things we have been working on here at A Daisy A Day!

The earrings(above) and necklace (below) are my personal favorites - 
Candace made them for me, and it will be difficult to part with them! :) 

This past Sunday was the one year anniversary of Mamaw's passing, and to honor her memory as well as to honor the strength of her daughter and our mother, we placed flowers in Mom's church last Sunday.  The flowers were a group effort - Me, Candace, Mom, and Mona (the owner of the Florist and our friend) all worked on it.  

Not only was she the most awesome Mamaw (she didn't like the word "Grandmother"), but she is also the namesake of the business.  We love daisies (the flower) because they remind us of her(Daisy was her name), and we want you to have a daisy a day because it is just cruel to keep her to ourselves.  So every piece of jewelry or accessory made has a little bit of her love, grace, kindness, and beauty woven into it.  

This week was also VBS for the youth and the kids.  Candace and I, along with the youth girls had the privilege of being taught by Mrs. Shelly Reid.  Can I tell you that Bible Study totally rocked my world?  It was   completely amazing - which learning more about God is something that continually astounds me but to learn under such a Godly, excited lady was such a blessing.  You can go to and follow her blog by clicking on her name above.  She is awesome, so go on over!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend and Fourth! Be Safe!  

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