odd life, sunshine, and joshua

Okay I will be completely honest and say that the post every day thing does not work for me!  So for now the posts will be sporadic but will probably encompass one of the five themes I listed here. 

So today, I was thinking of sharing some of my favorite things with you.  Candace and I love movies especially on Sunday afternoon when we are resting before gearing up for another work week.  This Sunday, we found The Odd Life of Timothy Green. 
I must say that I loved it.  I love the idea of giving love and family to a child who does not have either.  When I think of what I want for the future, I think of family - a husband, children who may or may not be of the same ethnic background but are loved.  I feel like I have been so incredibly blessed by the family I have that I must share.
I am not sure if it was the weeks of rain that felt like years or being cooped up because of all the rain, but I had felt a little down the past few weeks.  I just felt bogged down - does that make sense?  And when you feel down, everything can discourage you to the point that all you want to do is curl in the fetal position under a blanket on the couch.  Then there were a couple of events that transpired that helped me out of the bog - it stopped raining, the sun came out, and I began studying Joshua.  So I have two new favorite things - sunshine and the book of Joshua - although I am sure sunshine and I will not be on friendly terms come mid-July and August.  For now, I am happy to see it - I needed it.

Okay, so I hope you all have had a great weekend!  What are some of your favorite things this week?


Weekend Wrap Up + Message Monday

It finally stopped raining... and then it snowed.

Then the sun came out again - I had almost forgot what it looked like.  I did forget to take a pic because I was so busy absorbing as much as possible!

This weekend consisted of working at a basketball game Friday night, and spending some much needed sister time on Saturday.  I know you are thinking, "you live with your sister, why would you need sister time?"  However, Candace, Brit, and I rarely have time to just go shopping together - don't get me wrong, none of us would trade those 3 precious babies for anything in this world.  It's just nice to have some good quality sister time where you burst out laughing at random moments and you communicate completely in movie quotes completely understanding what the other person is referring to.  I realized a few years ago that the three of us have a unique relationship with each other and with our family - not many people can say that they are as close to their families as we are.  A fact which breaks my heart - I pray and hope that all children know as much love growing up as we have known in our lives.  

We didn't take a ton of pics Saturday, but I did manage to snap a pic during lunch of the two crazies - from this pic you would never guess that they are supposed to be grown adults.  

Seeing as today is "message monday," I thought I would share with you a verse from the Bible study I am working on right now!  Yes it is another Kay Arthur study, and yes you still need to look up her studies!  They rock - I promise!  So throughout some of the other studies I have done, I have learned that one struggle that is quite prevalent in the life of believer is one of fear and discouragement.  I know it is so easy to become afraid of living out God's call and to become discouraged in the midst of the task, but I didn't realize that this is something that even those in the Bible dealt with.  For some reason, I think of them as "super-Christians" instead of the normal people God chose to use. Those normal people, like us, needed encouragement, and God says He will provide all our needs.


God is speaking to Joshua in Joshua 1:9 as Joshua is preparing to take over leadership of the Israelites after Moses and to lead them into the promised land - a somewhat daunting task, don't you think?

"Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous!  Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

Another translation says "do not be terrified or discouraged."  I love this - it just makes my day!  The sun came out literally and, not to sound cheesy, I felt like this verse was God pouring sunshine into my soul! I pray it brings some sunshine into your life as well!


wardrobe + throwback

Okay so I am not so sure this posting everyday thing is for me - so stick with me and I will figure this out eventually.  Tonight I am combining the past two days to make one fabulous wardrobe + throwback!  For your reading/viewing pleasure...

Okay so this wardrobe wednesday does not feature my wardrobe - my apologies!  However, I have to share with you my MOM'S rocking style!  Yes, those are skinny jeans in the first pic, and yes my Mom has perfectly paired pewter and pumpkin! (Try saying that 5 times fast) She has such great style, and I love it!  Go ahead, admit it - my Mom is cooler than yours! 

Now as for the promised "throwback!"  We have pictures from 6 years ago.  The top is when Brit graduated high school - man I want to be that size and that color again.  The bottom is from one of those nights in downtown Hattiesburg that can only be described as college days.  These girls in both pictures are some of my best and closest friends.

Okay that is it for me tonight!  

Much Love,


thrifty tuesday

So one of the things we do quite well in our family is hunt for a bargain!  We love all things vintage, broken, unique. You can basically point to anything in our apartment and get a full back story that includes either someone making it or it coming from Dirty Cheap.  My mom even has several ornaments on the Christmas tree that she has "rescued" - angels or Santa Clauses with missing arms or legs or wings are all welcome on her tree.  We like taking in things that everyone else might not want.  We also love things that come with their very own story, and that is the basis of the "thrifty tuesday" post.

So I have for you a few of our "thrifted" and diy Christmas decorations as well as a great pair of shoes from the ever fabulous - Dirt Cheap!

Christmas stockings made from part of a burlap bag found at the Rusty Chandelier - BTW if you live in Laurel, and have not been you are fifty shades of crazy!  Third Thursday - Sunday of every month!  They are super wonderful people that know us when we go in now and keeps Candace in stock of vintage cameras!

Ornaments on our tree - Dirt Cheap for the felt white trees and Rusty Chandelier for the rust snowflakes, snowmen, and bells.  Garland made from muslin and lace tied onto green yarn!


I hope this inspires you to never pay full price for anything ever again!

Much Love,