thrifty tuesday

So one of the things we do quite well in our family is hunt for a bargain!  We love all things vintage, broken, unique. You can basically point to anything in our apartment and get a full back story that includes either someone making it or it coming from Dirty Cheap.  My mom even has several ornaments on the Christmas tree that she has "rescued" - angels or Santa Clauses with missing arms or legs or wings are all welcome on her tree.  We like taking in things that everyone else might not want.  We also love things that come with their very own story, and that is the basis of the "thrifty tuesday" post.

So I have for you a few of our "thrifted" and diy Christmas decorations as well as a great pair of shoes from the ever fabulous - Dirt Cheap!

Christmas stockings made from part of a burlap bag found at the Rusty Chandelier - BTW if you live in Laurel, and have not been you are fifty shades of crazy!  Third Thursday - Sunday of every month!  They are super wonderful people that know us when we go in now and keeps Candace in stock of vintage cameras!

Ornaments on our tree - Dirt Cheap for the felt white trees and Rusty Chandelier for the rust snowflakes, snowmen, and bells.  Garland made from muslin and lace tied onto green yarn!


I hope this inspires you to never pay full price for anything ever again!

Much Love,

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