a little workout story

I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of our church - to be constantly challenged to be who God created me to be and to be reminded that I must align myself with God's Word in order to do that is just one of those things that I am so grateful for.  I really don't know how anyone can go to church anywhere else.  I don't mean to offend you, but that's how awesome our church is.  I digress...

So this past Sunday, John began a series on Identity - who we are in Christ.  I am a little excited.  Don't tell him, but he has kinda been rocking the Sermon series as of late. Who really preaches on the Zombie Apocalypse and doesn't turn it into a "turn or burn" yelling match at minute 5?  Really?  Yeah - he does and it's pretty incredible, so stop reading right now and go watch the sermons.  Go.  Now!  You may return when you have finished.

So identity - who we are in Christ.  That's a big idea for me, and I have to break it down to wrap my head around it.  I began with this relationship thing which, for me, looks like Kay Arthur studies to help guide me in studying the Word and spending time with Him.  (Side note - I have a pretty incredible Bible study partner who is also from my church!!!)  It takes some time, but I begin to see little things coming out in the way I live due to what I was studying.  We built walls with Nehemiah, fought battles courageously with Joshua, understood more of the cycle of behavior of the Israelites with the Judges, was inspired by the excellence of character of Ruth, etc.

One of the things that I was convicted quite strongly about was the idea of Biblical femininity of Esther, Ruth, Debra, etc which begins with balance - something I continue to struggle with everyday.  So breaking it down further, I began with something I could tackle - my weight.  Candace and I joined a gym in March, and we have been going 5-6 days per week since.  It's difficult for me to see a difference, but I know the very real difference in the way I feel.  I feel like the difference I feel and see is part of Christ being lived out in my life in a very real and practical way.  I don't want to be super skinny or crazy ripped workout girl - I just want to be a good steward of my body.  I want who I am and my reputation to give a correct estimation of who He is in my life. I don't pretend that I am perfect at this, but my point is that He is working on me! I am sharing this with you to hopefully inspire you and provide a little more accountability.  If I can do the workout thing - anyone can!

Progress so far!

More to come!  Have a great week - as we all know I have become that girl that only posts about once a week!  
Much Love,


changes and a soapbox

Well hello there!  Remember me?  I am Nicole - the semi-silent blogger.  My apologies for that - things have been slightly crazy around the Beaty-girls' household the past few weeks.  A few things I am quite excited about -

  • Candace and I joined the gym!!!  We have needed to do this for sometime now, but we just had to get motivated.  So the week of Spring Break, we went to a new local gym that is open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week!  Also, since the schedule we keep makes evenings difficult - we are working out most days at around 5:30 in the morning!!!  I don't like seeing more than one 5:30 in my day, but oh my word, it is so worth it!  I think I may be slightly addicted to working out... is that possible?
  • Candace and I designed and proposed a summer program for children - and it was approved!  More about that to come!
  • The school year is almost over... it means things get terribly busy around campus but it also means that a break is coming!!!
So I think that is all on the list at the moment - but I do have a small issue for the soapbox!

Have you seen these?
Source: purehome.com via Hailey on Pinterest

Perhaps I over-think things, but inaccuracy drives me crazy.  Its like English majors throwing temper tantrums because you used the wrong "your/you're" or "there/their/they're."  Please allow me to elaborate on this inaccuracy.  The anchor and the "refuse to sink"  is cool; I mean, I like anchors and refuse to sink is just catchy enough without being too cliche or tacky!  The problem comes when you think of what an anchor is actually used for...  One guess, an anchor has one job, and it is to sink!!!  Anchors are quite large and heavy so that they will sink to the bottom of whatever body of water and keep whatever water craft in one place.  An anchor will not keep you from sinking - it will keep you from drifting! Now if the catchy phrase were to say something like - "my hope is fixed," "refuse to be swayed," "stand firm," etc, then I would not be on my soapbox!  I think my main problem is that people are using this as a tattoo - hello people, it's wrong and permanent!  Like I said I love anchors as tattoos and the message of perseverance is the same but use a different phrase!

Okay soapbox moment over!  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


weekend wrap-up

So sorry about the silence around here lately - Candace and I have started working out every morning at 5 a.m. which means we go to bed with the chickens.  Hence the blog silence because most of these are written between the hours of 10 p.m. and midnight.  I am working on beginning a new routine moving those late night jobs to early morning jobs!  So now that you are full of my excuses, I thought I would update you on this weekend - Easter weekend.  It was chopped full of so many good things - it is probably one of my favorite times of the year!

The first was on Good Friday and was called "Ascend the Hill" at our church - it is just amazing.  I am still speechless - such a creative way to pause and remember the sacrifice Christ made on the cross.  The event began in the Sanctuary with a beautiful skit based on this one from The Skit Guys and then moved outside to the property to a self-guided tour through the events of Good Friday - the garden, the trial, the scourging, the mocking, and the crucifixion.  Can I tell you it is probably the most moving event I have ever experienced?  You know there are quite a few times when our church does things that make me think I could not love it anymore than I do in that moment, and then we do something else completely unexpected and wonderful again - it's a never ending process for me.  I just love my church - if you don't have a church home, come visit CrossPointe!  
On Saturday, we all went to Mom and Dad's house for dying eggs, hunting of said eggs, decorating the bunny cake, hanging out the three coolest kids ever, and some sister time!    
last pic is courtesy of Candace

Of course Sunday was Easter, and I didn't get a single picture!  Suffice to say it was a beautiful, joyful, and exciting service at CrossPointe followed by lunch at Papaw's, round-table therapy, and front-porch sitting!  I am super blessed to be a part of this community of believers and part of an incredible family!  I hope you all had a blessed Easter Weekend!

Much Love,