a little adventure

Have you ever woke up one day and not remembered anything important that happened in the past week? Or the past month?  Well, that is exactly where I found myself recently.  I read this book a few years ago by Donald Miller named A Million Miles in a Thousand Years about living a good story.  He challenges readers to live an abundant life and live on purpose - to make deliberate choices to have an interesting life.  This resonated with me as I become very comfortable in a routine and within my same four walls.

I was reminded of Miller's book by our Pastor in his recent challenge to our church to go from people far from God to being kingdom catalysts.  The steps along this journey he is challenging us to include connecting with our community, getting out of our spectator mentality in service, and moving outside the four walls of our church in mission.  All of the steps have challenged me in different areas, but I think my journey has to begin by becoming okay with being uncomfortable.  Getting out of my comfort zone and simple interaction with other people seem to be the initial steps.

So I decided that I needed a little adventure in my life, and I roped Candace into going along with it.  Now, we are working on a next to nothing budget so these little adventures I am about to share with you are just baby steps.  But, they are baby steps in the right direction...

Here are a few pics we snapped during our little adventures!

We got some pizza and went to the park.  It may not have been the smartest idea to be out there at night by ourselves, but it was in the name of adventure!  We also watched a movie at some of our friends' house on a school night (gasp) but my phone died - so no picture!

We met Mr. Sawyer Allen Clark!  Isn't he just precious!

Quality sister time and breakfast at Shipley's!!!

Woke up in a pirate ship!  Not really we decorated the balcony for Halloween!

Dinner with the girls!  Round table therapy after the week we all had!

Knocked out all the bouts and corsages for the wedding we are planning in November!  I am kind of in love with the bouts so you cant hate!  The best part was that DeeDee and Debbie(bride) came over and we all worked on different tasks at the same time.  I work best with music on, the t.v. going, and 30 other people working around me - call me crazy, but a quiet room drives me batty!

Calendar meeting of the next month in the "beaty girl" household... If you think sitting down with my sister and a calendar is not an adventure, you clearly do not know Candace!

It was really fun figuring out things to do every day to break up the monotony of work, tv, sleep.  So in honor of our slightly adventurous week, we have decided to do at least one thing we would not normally do every week!  This should not be difficult as the weeks coming up should be quite interesting!!!  
I will keep you posted, and as always...

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