With the title of this particular post, I am sure you conjuring up the many arguments I could make for and/or against the over-used form of social media.  However, this post is more about memories than arguments.  Every now and then, something sends me drifting back to years gone by, and I get a little nostalgic.  It could be a smell, a phrase, an event - anything really takes me back to some of the experiences in my life.  So I went to my page and used that handy little timeline thing, and it took me back all the way to my beginning.  Well on facebook anyway.  In honor of my memories, I thought I would share with you some of the things I remembered/learned about myself and a few other people through facebook.

This is from my sophomore year at JCJC - these people became part of my family!  Oh by the way, my hair was blonde - it was BAD!!!  College is where I learned a lot - like the importance of coffee and to stay away from blonde hair! The second is from a couple of years later - still love them crazy people!

This hat looks cute on me - and I thought I was DIVA in college!  Not that you could tell or anything!

Pizza and mexican train dominoes come before furniture!!! Oh and I can give a GREAT death stare - I sincerely apologize to the person on the receiving end of that.

Girls can be groomsmen too!  Although, I prefer "groom's person." Haha

Who knew we originated all of those irritating bathroom self-portraits?  Oh and everyone needs a girl trip to the beach at least every other month!!! 

Best friends grow up, move to different cities, graduate from college, get married, and have babies!  But nothing can take the memories, and you just have to go with time.

Okay I will admit it, this post was mainly for me to take a look back and reminisce!  It was really fun to look at old pics on facebook.  

Have a great weekend,

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