<p>Have you ever thought about what you export - what you pour into your world? I am not talking about legacy - its not about what people remember about you after you die. I am talking more about the attitudes and actions and words you choose to put out into this world.<br>
The pastor of our church has been doing a series called "The Code" where he is detailing a lifestyle that we as a church will ascribe to. Today we learned that we are to be the largest exporters of laughter. Not just silliness but taking the joy we have found to the world. I think that happens in the little things we do.
I was thinking about this while we watched Madison, Wyatt, and Daisy Claire laugh and play, while my Mom and Dad share a look when the grand babies do something sweet, or when Candace, Brit, and I share a great laugh over some memory of something we did when we were younger. For example, when Madi does something so Candace-ish that we visibly wince.
I love these kind of days where we can enjoy our family. There are so many days when we struggle just to smile through the weight of the world that good days must be cherished and enjoyed in all their wonderful abundance.
I definitely want to be more aware of what I am exporting. I want to pour joy into my world - that joy you see on the face of children.

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