Okay so it has been a minute since I have updated you on the goings on here in the Beaty girl's house and filled your time with my ramblings.  We have been so incredibly busy the past few weeks, that this is honestly the first time I have has time to sit and think.  It was busy, but it has been some of the best times this year.  Great times with unbelievably precious friends that I find myself thanking God for almost every day, a church family that are incessantly challenging me to "live my life outside of the mirror,"* and an incredibly beautiful family make this girl feel like the most blessed girl ever.  I haven't been doing the "thankful thing" on facebook, but I feel completely overwhelmed by my blessings this year.  Thankful just doesn't seem to do justice to how I feel right now.  Perhaps gratitude is better - I am grateful for being the witness and participant to so many beautiful moments the past few weeks.
*This quote is from our pastor - John, and I quite love it.  The conviction that followed was slightly painful but the idea of this life not being solely about me is beautiful to me.
So here are some of the pictures from the past few weeks - what I am grateful for.

Now, I am particularly looking forward to Thursday and spending time with my family, but today is my Daddy's birthday.  We have completely ruined him - he is now calling the week of his birthday "poppy-palooza."  As he is the best daddy and poppy in the world, it is okay to spoil him a little!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Much Love,

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