real marriage

My apologies for the silence as of late - I have no profound rhyme or reason concerning it.  I simply didn't know what I wanted to write - sometimes I get like that.  Caught up in my own thoughts.  Well I have figured out something I need to say.

Candace and I attended Mark Driscoll's Real Marriage Tour Simulcast at our church Friday night - why you may ask.  Well while neither of us is married at the moment, we do hope to get married in the future, and I like to be overly prepared for everything.  It takes me 3 months of research before I decide on a computer, and it is probably a good thing that the contract for our cell phones is 2 years because it takes me that long to choose a different one.  So you can see my dilemma.  I digress, the messages Friday night were great; I really learned a great deal about what a Godly marriage looks like.  We missed the Saturday sessions which were to include one for singles; therefore, because I had to know what he would say to someone in my position, I found a similar sermon on YouTube by Mark Driscoll.  I am posting it here, and I strongly encourage all of you to watch the video, google Mark Driscoll and watch more videos.  He is a very intelligent man of God.  I will tell you that he is blunt - so be prepared.  

I must also tell you that God has been working on my heart and attitude - there are a few things that I must release to Him and some things He is ripping out to replace with new.  I pray He never stops working on me - even if it is quite painful for a season.  Trusting that someone other than me has what's best for me in mind is sometimes difficult for me.  That's just a long way of saying that I am a control freak but a control freak learning every day to let go. 

So...  See ya! Watch the video!  Have a good week!



I must admit I am not completely fond of change - it is just the right amount of unsteady footing that makes me quite nervous.  However, there are times in my life where I find myself wishing for and even seeking change.  I have been feeling a bit restless for sometime now feeling the need to step out of my routine and shake things up a little.  I am not sure what that will exactly look like, but I just know that I need it - change. 

I believe it has been coming, and that God has been preparing me for it.  I am seeing evidence that God is preparing me for something through some of the books of the Bible I have been studying.  I think of Nehemiah's words to the people of Israel building the wall, "do not be afraid of them, remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight!"  Then my mind immediately goes to the Lord preparing Joshua for change, "do not be afraid or discouraged, be strong and courageous, for I will be with you wherever you go."  Joshua is further instructed not to "turn to the right or to the left" but to remain faithful to the Words and Commands of God.

I feel as though I am standing on the cusp of something immense, and I must say it is not without trepidation or sadness.  Notwithstanding, I know that I need whatever change is coming.  We must keep moving and breathing and living - stagnation leaves us lifeless.

I simply pray for the strength and courage to stay the course and to remain faithful to the Words and Commands of Christ!