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My apologies for the silence as of late - I have no profound rhyme or reason concerning it.  I simply didn't know what I wanted to write - sometimes I get like that.  Caught up in my own thoughts.  Well I have figured out something I need to say.

Candace and I attended Mark Driscoll's Real Marriage Tour Simulcast at our church Friday night - why you may ask.  Well while neither of us is married at the moment, we do hope to get married in the future, and I like to be overly prepared for everything.  It takes me 3 months of research before I decide on a computer, and it is probably a good thing that the contract for our cell phones is 2 years because it takes me that long to choose a different one.  So you can see my dilemma.  I digress, the messages Friday night were great; I really learned a great deal about what a Godly marriage looks like.  We missed the Saturday sessions which were to include one for singles; therefore, because I had to know what he would say to someone in my position, I found a similar sermon on YouTube by Mark Driscoll.  I am posting it here, and I strongly encourage all of you to watch the video, google Mark Driscoll and watch more videos.  He is a very intelligent man of God.  I will tell you that he is blunt - so be prepared.  

I must also tell you that God has been working on my heart and attitude - there are a few things that I must release to Him and some things He is ripping out to replace with new.  I pray He never stops working on me - even if it is quite painful for a season.  Trusting that someone other than me has what's best for me in mind is sometimes difficult for me.  That's just a long way of saying that I am a control freak but a control freak learning every day to let go. 

So...  See ya! Watch the video!  Have a good week!

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