I have to admit something.  I am a romance junkie.  I love all those sappy ROM/COM movies, and yes even those quite unrealistic vampire movies.  (Although, the books are MUCH better than the movies.)  I am also a big fan of The Hunger Games books and movie.  My parents raised me to be a strong, independent woman so I love all the stories of the girl taking care of herself and still finding the romance.  Now I know these are just movies and completely fake, but I am seeing something in the movies and in our world that I don't like.

Many of the movies today feature a strong woman who does not need a man to come and rescue her, but the strength in the female lead often leaves the male lead weak - both physically and intellectually.  Since when has a weak man been a good thing? Ever?  Personally, as a believer the man is to be the leader in the household, so I expect him to fulfill that role.  Maybe it is just me, but I like for people, in general but especially men, to have opinions, to be strong, to be intelligent, and to take their responsibilities seriously.  A sense of humor is awesome, but there is a time and a place to dial back the comedy and put your big boy breeches on and be the man you are called to be!

Now if you are male and reading this, don't get aggravated with me just yet.  Ladies, it is time that you and I do the same thing.  I do not feel that the man is strong at the expense of the ladies' strength.  Throughout my life, my Dad has been the head of our household, and my mother was and is the submissive partner she is called to be.  However, the strength and position my father held came with the confidence in that strength and position that allowed my mother to be strong and independent.  Conversely, my mother submitted to the position God placed my father in and believed in His ability to fulfill that position.  So ladies, it is time to be the mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends that allow men to be men.  Men can step up and assert their leadership all day long, but ladies, we must recognize that leadership and believe in their ability to be a leader!  In case you missed it ladies, it is NOT our job to be the one who wears the pants!  I am all for and believe you need to be strong, but it is an idea of bridled strength.  We must choose not to assert our lead.

What have been your experiences? Why must the female lead in a movie be strong at the expense of the male and visa versa?  Do you see this transfer into the real world as well?  Just something to think about, and let me know what you think!

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