wardrobe + throwback

Okay so I am not so sure this posting everyday thing is for me - so stick with me and I will figure this out eventually.  Tonight I am combining the past two days to make one fabulous wardrobe + throwback!  For your reading/viewing pleasure...

Okay so this wardrobe wednesday does not feature my wardrobe - my apologies!  However, I have to share with you my MOM'S rocking style!  Yes, those are skinny jeans in the first pic, and yes my Mom has perfectly paired pewter and pumpkin! (Try saying that 5 times fast) She has such great style, and I love it!  Go ahead, admit it - my Mom is cooler than yours! 

Now as for the promised "throwback!"  We have pictures from 6 years ago.  The top is when Brit graduated high school - man I want to be that size and that color again.  The bottom is from one of those nights in downtown Hattiesburg that can only be described as college days.  These girls in both pictures are some of my best and closest friends.

Okay that is it for me tonight!  

Much Love,

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