Okay, so yesterday I was in a crappy mood, and as I believe in sharing, everyone knew I was in a crappy mood.  I was mean, sarcastic, and pretty much the worst version of myself.  It was not pretty at all.  Well to recover from the B!+*#% attitude I had, I stayed home by myself last night while Candace went to church.  Just as she was pulling out of the driveway to give me my time alone, the weather went south and I found myself wishing I was no longer by myself.  Isn't life always that way? We finally get what we want and we realize we don't want it anymore.  But I digress.  It wasn't long before it stopped thundering and lightning (Bipolar Southern Summer Weather), and I began to decompress and unwind.  I can't tell you why I chose yesterday to tap into the inner 7th grade girl, but a little alone time seemed just the trick to cure me of that.

So first and foremost, I am sorry for yesterday.  Second, I was perusing a blog that I recently found and love written by a very talented local business-woman and stumbled upon this post. It was the wake-up call/slap in the face I needed and deserved after yesterday.  I began to think not about this mood, but about what I am thankful for and the good things that have happened lately.  I was quickly humbled and embarrassed.  So I wanted to leave you with a few things that remind me not to be witchy.

* My family is amazing - I have the best parents in the world that are a continual blessing. They literally rock!
* Candace - my sister and business partner who is also my best friend.  Her talent continues to astonish me.
* A Daisy A Day - the business feels like a blessing God just dropped into our lives that allows us to be creative and make a little money as well!
* Mona Lisa's Boutique - the business we work in and live in the back that lets us pay rent and eat (the rent is ridiculously inexpensive!!!)  And Mona, the owner, is one of our best friends.
*Our church - CrossPointe Community Church!!! Such a healing place that allows us to be exactly who are - no masks, no facades.  It's amazing!  If you don't have a church home, come check us out!

I could go on and on and on, but I will stop for now!  I hope you all have a great, non-B!+*#Y day!

Much love!

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