bouncy balls and movement

So, life is a bit crazy as all of you who work in the school system know, May is like school and children on speed.  I promise I think my 3 and 4 year olds have turned into bouncy balls - at any point in time, you can almost literally see them bounce from one side of my room to the other!  And for some unknown reason, we decide to cram as many activities and "fun days" into this one month - the final 2 1/2 weeks of school!  Okay, sorry for that little step on the soapbox - I must have you know that I really do love my job, and I really do have the sweetest bunch of bouncy balls ever!  

I am slacking in the inspiration photo self-challenge today so I will have to worry about that tomorrow!  (Wow, I sound just a tish like Scarlett O'Hara!) I do want to share some of the things that are going on in my life right now!

God is doing some awesome things right now - I am a little scared to mention it in the fear that acknowledging that this is something I have truly hoped for will make it go away, but... Here it goes...

My heart beats history - I know if you have read any of the past posts, you know that already, but I have truly learned in the past year that it is for a much bigger purpose.  I always thought I was the weird girl, and now I know that I am the weird girl.  But, I am very much okay with that.  God created me this way - to love history or just any good story really, to love finding - digging, researching, studying to find that story, and then to share it with the world or at least my little part of it!  I never really considered that this gift would be useful for the church, but I was beyond wrong about that.  The same love to find a story has translated into a love for the Scripture and  for studying, pouring over it.  If I could tell you all that He is teaching me, it would take much longer than a few paragraphs in a blog post.  I have been challenged, inspired, loved, chastised, pursued.  I am more than amazed and so very humbled... And I had to move, to act, to do something, to be - well to be available, pliable, useful.

So after talking with our pastor and a sweet friend, I have found two possible areas that this newly found passion may be used.  First, beginning this Wednesday May 9th I will be leading a ladies small group in my home.  I am slightly nervous about this, but I pray that God will use me and that He will meet with us.  Second, I am.. hoping to share this love and gift with a few more people in our community.  I am asking that you will pray that there is a need and open door for this potential development.  More details will be shared at a later date, but just know if that door is open it is completely His moving.  

I just want my story to be used to tell HIS STORY - to bring an accurate estimate or opinion of His Story and His character!!!  Oh, I so pray it does - 

Much Love,

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