never give up

Well, it is officially summer here in the Beaty-girl household.  We are out of school, off work which means I can finally get around to organizing my closets and doing some craft projects!

Being out of school for me means more contemplating this thing called life, and my life is not always easy.  In fact, it is rarely easy - there always seems to be someone or something absolutely bent on keeping me down and defeated.  Then I think of some of the people I find inspiring, and most of the time those people are the ones who fought a daily battle to get to accomplish their goals.  They are the people who didn't take no for an answer - do you know just how difficult that is?  To have someone tell you no, you're not good enough, you are not what we are looking for so many times you start to believe it yourself.  I am learning just how it feels to stand in the face of opposition and say I am not, I will not give up.  Giving up is easy, but it is not where you or I want to be.  I want to look around one day and find that I never gave up of my dreams and that I lived this life to the best of my ability.

There are a few things that encourage me to keep going on this journey, and I was recently reminded of one of those things.  So You Think You Can Dance is a dance competition on Fox, and it is wonderful.  The dancers are paired with a partner and a choreographer and given a genre of dance which may or may not be their area of expertise.  The choreographer teaches them a dance which they will perform for the judges.  Sometimes, these combinations produce such beautiful results even though it is certainly extremely challenging.  It is a beautiful process to watch these dancers grow week after week.  There is something about dance, like music and all art really, that can capture emotions and tell a story much more eloquently than words allow.  Needless to say, I am a little addicted.

I am sharing two videos of a couple of my favorite dances - they are amazing and inspiring and just wonderful.  Please take the time to watch them with an open mind, and you too may find yourself just a little inspired to never give up on your dreams.  The first is below, and the second I will link for you here!

Never give up because what you do matters,


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