Okay so this week my love and inspiration post was a tish postponed, but I really wanted to think about something that I love and/or inspires me.  What followed was me really seeing just how blessed I am - 

All of these people inspire me and I love each and every one of them!  I have blessed with such an incredible family!  Oh the top middle pic is of the newest addition to the fam - Miss Daisy Claire Stokley!  

Last but certainly not least I must add The Beaty Girls!!!

and... of course Mamaw and Papaw

Okay, so I hope you look around at your family and as today is Mother's Day glance over particularly to your Mom and see the amazing woman she is!  I have a pretty great mom who had a pretty great mom, and I pray that you do as well!  But if you don't, I will loan mine out, she is more than enough inspiration for me!!!  She loves everyone - she is like Mamaw in that!!!  Most of our friends have said that our home was so homey when we were growing up, and a huge part of that is my mom!  She is just incredible!  

Happy Mother's Day, Mama

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