So you are getting two for the price of one with this one!  I am sharing with you something that I love and inspires me and a few things that I have learned during my time in this space!

So this is a picture of Sunday Am worship at my church - CrossPointe Community Church in Laurel, MS.  It's amazing!  It really is a family, and our pastor brings messages of truth to the context of our lives.  If you are local, and don't have a church please come check us out!  

Now for a few things I have learned while attending CPCC - most of the lessons I have ever learned have come from this place so I will limit it to just this week!

1.  Worldly peace is the absence of conflict.  Godly peace is the quiet control of the soul regardless of circumstances!  Now, stop and reread that!  With God, you do not have to be conflict free because let's face the fact that we rarely are.  Instead the peace He offers is one that exists even in the midst of the worse of our circumstances!  Can we get up and run around about that?  I did!

2.  Move - Get up, GO!  Do whatever it is God is stirring in your heart to do!  Most often I tend to run from these things, but moving is an act of obedience!  So I stopped running, and am moving towards God!

3.  Have confidence in the person God created you to be and the movement He inspires in you!!!  He loves you and has given you the gifts and talents you have - use them confidently for Him!!!  Nobody else can be the person He created you to be!

Okay so that was quick and painless!  I pray you move and that you find peace!  Have a blessed week!

Much Love,


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