everyday beauty

Okay friends, it is time for another weekly installment of things that I love and provide inspiration!  And this week's feature is - 
This is our balcony on our apartment - specifically the view from inside the apartment at around 7:15 this morning!  Yes, I, Nicole Beaty, was up and taking pictures with my phone at that time in the morning!  

I must say this self-given assignment has been really good for me - I have been searching for inspiration in everything!  There are times when it just hits me, but sometimes it is nice to look for the beauty in the everyday!  Now why is this balcony inspiring?  Well, it is colorful and cheerful - full of happy colors.  Also, I love being outside, I love having the ability to open a door and be able to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, and I love that it feels like we are bringing the outside in! Being outside especially during the spring and fall are usually very inspiring to me  - I am in awe of God's masterpiece!  I sometimes feel like He paints a canvas just for me each day in the beauty of trees (you know I have this thing about trees!), flowers(hello, my grandmothers were named Daisy and Rose), and the light(sunlight is quickly becoming one of my favorite things)!

So I hope you find beauty in the everyday!

Much Love,

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