So I must say that I love all these blogs that have a weekly post involving a theme, and I have even attempted one - anyone remember "accessories monday?"  I didn't think so - which is why I pondered what I could do as a weekly post.  I think I have found an idea - I want to provide you with a little inspiration through a photo of something that I love and inspires me.  I promise to do my best to keep this up.

Okay so here it goes...

It's Confederate Jasmine from my parent's front yard.  It has the most amazing smell and you can smell it the minute you turn down their driveway.  The vine itself is now huge and completely covers an arbor with a walkway going underneath.  The smell is spring time to me and makes me think of my mom and home and planting flowers!  It's one of our favorite things for the jasmine to bloom - in fact, my mother's exact words to me at Sunday lunch were, "you have to come smell the jasmine."  Roses are fine - a little overrated for my taste, but jasmine blooming in spring is worth stopping and taking a deep, beautifully floral breath in.

I hope you will stop and smell the Jasmine and find a little Spring inspiration while you are at it!

Much Love,


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