So I am sitting here in my house, alone, in the dark. I like this time when its quiet, and I don't have to smile or look interested or anything else remotely resembling life unless I want to. I think we all need time like this - time to stop and rest and be still! We go so much; we must stop once in a while. I do a lot of thinking during this time.
Why is it that we are afraid of being great? - how often do we have someone really great at something? I think its more often that we have people that do just enough to get by! I am guilty of this - especially in my classes. I am a relatively good student, school has never really been difficult for me. (with the exception of geometry and chemistry) But to be honest, I never really gave anything my all. I found that with a little bit of studying I could pull off an A or a B. And I just didn't care enough to try or was I afraid of being the weird girl that was actually passionate about something.
We do this a lot in our society - passionate people that aren't afraid of being great are either heralded as genius or insane. God forbid, we actually take something seriously, do our best, and be GREAT at what we do! You know those people who are great go through a great deal of refinement - which is often painful. They also are extremely dedicated which is the antithesis of being lazy. So I think we are afraid of being great because that might mean pain and work!
I am the world's worst at this... I want to be a great teacher, a great daughter, a great sister, a great friend, and one day a great wife and mother! The truth is I want to be great at what I do!

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