love and politics

Okay I have a little bit of a rant tonight. I have been somewhat frustrated lately. I must say that I am so tired of seeing political affiliation statements laced with the "if you are a Christian, you will re-post this" message!

And so many people are upset about the same-sex marriage issue or prayer in schools issue or the ten commandments in federal buildings issue. So let me introduce you to a little "National Government 101." As we are not a theocracy, you can not legislate morality. As much as we would like to, we can't. Our forefathers wanted people to have the freedom to believe whatever they wanted. More than that, they did not want a government telling them what to believe, how to worship, etc. At the time, they had just left a country that tried to do just that. Now I am not an idiot, the Declaration of Independence as well as our Constitution does contain quite a bit of Christian ideology and beliefs; however, there are many areas left up for people to take their own convictions on.
However, before all of you call me a crazy devil-worshiper. Keep reading. There is a point to all of this. When Christianity began, the early church did not organize a petition to make Christianity the national religion so people would change. They did not try to make governmental laws that made other people worship Jesus. No, they changed - God came in and totally upended their way of life. The early church was focused on living this life the way they had seen Jesus live it. The world saw the difference - the love of Christ radiating in and through their lives and God changed the world. The early church was not lazy - they put in the work. They suffered for their decisions to follow Christ - it was not in any form a popular or easy decision for them. To be completely honest, relying on someone else to "enforce the Gospel" kind of feels like the lazy way out.

So here is my thought. Instead of organizing the petition, why don't we pour love, discipline, and prayer into our children and teenagers so they know the power of prayer in their lives? Instead of hating people who are homosexual, why don't we show them love and how Christ's love changed our lives? Oh and while we are at it, we should realize that if people were seeing Christ in our lives, we would not need the Ten Commandments on the wall. The problem is this means a change of lifestyle, discipline, work for us (I very much include myself in all of this), and it will mean being uncomfortable, unpopular, and not necessarily safe. On the other end, we will experience joy, peace and love like never before.

You know I usually start these things with some little tidbit that stays with me and that I dwell on, and as I evaluate what is really going on - I see that this an area that God is refining in me. This may just be my thing - God cutting away the layers of facade in my own heart and life and revealing what is real in me, or perhaps, I am hoping, some of you are seeing some of the same things. We say that we are Christians, but I wonder if we could be convicted of that charge in a court of law simply based on our life's evidence.

Perhaps we should stop trying to force the government officials make a law that people change and start living a life that radiates the love of Christ. After all, real Christ-centered love is the only thing that has ever and continues to change the world.

"By this all men will know that you are my Disciples, if you have love one for another."
John 13:35

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