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Okay so one of the things that I absolutely love about summer time and being off from work is that I get to watch one of my all-time favorite shows on ABC Family - which just happens to be "Gilmore Girls."

The show has ended now so the one hour dose of re-run love is just what I need to put me in a wonderful mood, and somehow my words come out just a little faster after that show.  I mean I am from the South so obviously not as fast as they talk but I try.  Sometimes I fancy myself the southern, Christian version of a Gilmore Girl. I just love all the different personalities that are celebrated with this show! I just love this show - it's wonderful.  I learned quite a bit from this show (no sneering) - I shall share a bit with you now!  Enjoy!

1  Coffee is essential for survival - it's right up there with oxygen and mascara!
2  All decisions can be made simply by making the pro/con list!
3  Climbing out the balcony window solves all problems.
4  Sometimes you just have to jump.
5  If you're going to ruin your life, he'd better have a motorcycle!
6  Childbirth is akin to doing the splits on a case of dynamite.
7  Life is short - talk fast!
8  Your audience is as intelligent as you allow them to be!

If you have never heard of Gilmore Girls, then this post most likely will not make sense at all.  If you, like me, are a fan then I hope you had a good laugh!  

As always, I leave you with...

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