work, a wreath, and Madi

Okay, so the two pictures above are why Candace and I have been in hibernation the past week or so as we prepare for the Peanut Festival at Mitchell Farms.  Which is tomorrow by the way - you should all come!  Also this may look like a jumbled mess but it will look better tomorrow!  Anyways, this week at work has been hectic, full of unnecessary drama, and long hours.  Today I am doing this post before I normally get out of bed because I have to be at work early!  On the bright side, I get to show you this awesome wreath that was a joint effort between my mom, me, and candace!  The inspiration comes from a crafty blog that I adore and will link for you here!  It makes me smile as everything about fall makes me completely giddy!  Well, must go fix the second of many cups of coffee to come! Have a beautiful day!  Oh and one more thing - today is my Madi's "dirthday"! She is three and probably the most intelligent three year old I know! Happy Dirthday Madi!

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