accessories monday

So I have been inspired recently by the wardrobe posts by a friend of mine.  She is always cute and classic. My personal style is more neutral and well a little boring to be honest.  A fact which I really would like to change - so perhaps I take a challenge to step outside of my comfort zone with my wardrobe and I will post some pictures so that you can follow along.  Until then, I will share something that inspires me - ACCESSORIES! I can plan an entire outfit around a single accessory that I like.  The fact that my sister is always making new jewelry and we make headbands often makes accessorizing my neutral wardrobe so much fun.
One of my favorite outfits is just a simple gray tee and khaki pants - with that base I feel like I can so much.  This day I added a crochet bow headband and round drop earrings.

So the first of my accessories/wardrobe post! Hope you enjoy!

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