a hide out

Ever since I could remember, I have loved just getting by myself and reading, listening to music, people watching, etc.  (Nothing creepy, I am just observant!) Getting away and being alone where I don't have to watch how I act or what I say or how I say what I say is how I refuel and become the pretty, kind person you see in public.  Finding these places that allow this refueling makes me happy and if it is outdoors that is even better!  So, I am slightly excited.  My Papaw built us a swing and it is the most beautiful thing ever! It's unfinished (no paint or anything) but I like it that way.  The swing is made from re-claimed wood and is very sturdy!  It's beautiful just because its from my Papaw and it's a little piece of him.  Mom and Dad had an old swing frame that has beautiful lines, and they were super sweet by transporting it from Papaw's house to our backyard.  As previously mentioned I adore the trees in our backyard.  In honor of the new swing, Candace and I hung twinkly lights in the Crepe Myrtle trees outside.  It created this perfect little hideout that is completely peaceful.  I have been wanting to sit out there and crochet - so tonight the weather was perfect, nothing else was going on, and I had the first of many relaxing sessions in the swing.  Though I must admit I had to grab a few pictures to document my special place.  Please don't mind the picture quality - I do my best, but I am no professional!

My own little HideOut! 

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  1. I just love ANY swing, but that one is gorgeous! Love the wood. This weather has been great for getting outside, and I've enjoyed my quiet mornings out on the deck by myself with my coffee before all the ruckus of the boys. Enjoy your special place!