Fun Friday!

Okay I have another confession!  I know, I know you are tired of hearing my confessions - especially when they contain no juicy gossip for you to pass on in the form of a prayer request!  I hate it for ya!  Anyways... my confession!  If you had asked me ten years ago where I would be in ten years, never would I have said working in a preschool and living with #littlegirl!  I am pretty sure at that point, I was not particularly fond of the small version of people nor was I close to my middle sister!  Neither one of us was very nice back in the day!   But God (yeah we have those moments in our lives, too!) had another plan, and here I am.  I work with three and four year old babies every day, and Candace and I have shared the same living quarters for almost 5 years! The confession is that I am VERY happy with my life!  It's not what I had planned nor what I expected, but I love it.  I love my job, and as much as it pains me to admit it, #littlegirl is my best friend!  I am not saying that all days have been good days or that I have not chased her around the apartment beating her up with the frying pan (yes, Mom I did that last week!), but I am saying that for right now I am pretty pleased with life!

Okay confession time over!  Because I find myself in such a good mood, I thought I would share with you some of the things that have made me smile this week in hopes that maybe you smile!

Daisies remind me of "You've Got Mail" and my Mamaw! 
Come on, isn't he beautiful?  Like manly, ruggedly, beautiful!!
So many great quotes - I promise half of the things I say come from this show!

Okay, so have a beautiful weekend!  Smile!  Laugh!  Go on an adventure!  

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