questions & a list

Are you the person you want to be?

Are you the person you envisioned you would be at this point in your life?

Are you living a good story - is the life you are living such that people would want to join in?

Are you doing what you want to do?

Are you living? 

These are the questions floating through my head right now.  These questions are simply an addendum to the list already present up there that includes but is not limited to:

Do you let people in, let them get to know YOU?

Why not?

Is "alone time" really what you want?

Why are you not in the process of pursuing what you want?

What are you so afraid of?

Some of those questions have answers.  The answers are predictable but they exist.

It hurts... when they leave, it is excruciating.

I don't want to end up alone.

Every other time I have tried, I have been told no.  And it is hard to go back and ask again when they say no every time.

I am afraid of so many things...

But for the most part I am afraid of not living.

Am I alone in this?  I know this post is heavy, but here it is.  Anybody have advice, answers, anything?

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