Okay stop.  Go back, and read that statement again!  It says "whatever you do" - meaning everything you do flows from your heart.  So why is it that I have rarely given my all to anything?  Why is it that I procrastinate and not do the things that I want to do?  I have found that this is one of the things that aggravates me about people, but God being the God He is showed me that this trait that bothers me so much in others is alive and well right inside me.

When I was a little girl, people accused me of taking things too personally and wearing my heart on my sleeve.  I must admit that I am probably still a little like that.  I fought so hard when I was in high school to not let people see that something bothered me.  Then I heard a quote that stuck with me - it's from "You've Got Mail."  You know the sweet, sappy ROM/COM with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?  Well, Tom Hanks is trying to shut down her book store, and he tells her that "its not personal, its business."  To which she responds, "that just means it isn't personal to you.  It's personal to me, and what's so wrong with being personal?  Whatever else anything is, it should begin with being personal."


I think these two make sense together in my head.  I take something personally when I am invested in it - when I have put part of myself into it.  The things I do - whether I give my complete and total self into them or not - those things come from my heart.  I don't want to do things half-heartedly any longer.  I want to take what I do personally because I believe that is the best way.  I have to remember to guard my heart in this life because it effects every thing we do. 

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