Pinterest and Picking

So I have a confession to make - an addiction to admit.  Well its more like addictions - I am addicted to Pinterest, Picking, and Dirt Cheap.  Pinterest just has so many wonderful ideas in one place it makes my heart smile.  By "Picking" I am not referring to my nose, but to searching the countryside for antiques that work with our decor.  There is a show on the History Channel called "American Pickers," and there are two guys that dig through other people's junk in barns, storage buildings, etc looking for antiques that they purchase and sell in their own shop.  Candace and I have turned into pickers, and I love it!  As for Dirt Cheap, I have a very difficult time paying full price for anything because chances are we can find it at Dirt Cheap.  The awful thing is that all three of these things seem to feed on each other because we something on Pinterest and immediately we are thinking if we have seen the items needed for the project at our favorite antique shops or at Dirt Cheap.

I must encourage you to check out your local discount shops and antique shops - you would be surprised what you might find.  Candace is the Dirt Cheap Keurig queen as she has found two that worked for less than $30 each - she even has a list of people to call if we find one in DC! Kind of crazy, right?  But I love it!!!

As to a little inspiration for you to begin "picking" I thought I would share 2 of our most recent projects.

The pictures above are of the space between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling - it was such a void that screamed for some life.  The bird picture - 5.00(left) is from Big Lots (another great discount store) as are the two pottery jars - 6.99 each (left and center).  The blue bowl - 2.00 is from an auction in the middle of nowhere Moselle as is the blue tea pot - 2.00.  The white shell thing - 1.00 on the right is from this great antique shop in Calhoun and the plate behind it was 19 cents at DC in Collins!

These pictures are from the main wall in our living room.  The big picture in the center is from DC for 3.00 - I know we thought it was a steal!!!  The wrought iron candle sconces were bought off Facebook for 20.00 for the pair!  The grass in the vase is a mixture of two different bundles - which we purchased in a clearance bag from Michaels for 2.00!  And the stool it is on is from DC and was 3.00!  Oh the burlap lamp shade was 2.00 from DC!

Finally, because Spring is here in South Mississippi and I adore flowers - I thought I would share a picture of the plant some sweet friends brought us in the 5.99 ceramic pot from Ross!!!  Isn't it amazing?!

So I hope you inspired to do a little of your own picking (not your nose - and if you do that feel free NOT to share!!!).  Oh feel free to leave a comment letting me know if you find something spectacular! 

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