Usually these things consist of something that has been on my mind or something that I have learned  that seems utterly profound to me; however, today this post is about that holiday coming up.  Which holiday, you ask?  That's right - Valentine's Day.  I have been known to call it "Single's Awareness Day," but I have realized a couple of things that I thought I would share with you.

1.  I am a hopeless romantic, and as such I love the idea of setting aside a day to celebrate the people you love.  Many people consider it just a stupid, cheesy day invented for florists and greeting card companies, but there is some actual history to Valentine's Day which *gasp* I won't go into.  I like to think of it as more of a bookmark for anyone to take a breath and reflect on your own personal history.  Whether that includes a spouse or not, I believe it to be of vital importance to recognize the love in your own life.  I am not married, but I do have wonderfully loving parents, an adorable niece and nephew who show so much love, two of the best sisters anyone could ask for, much more family  that I love dearly, and a legacy of love from my Grandparents. Also, I have wonderful friends and my children at work are so precious to me.  All of this does not even compare to the love of Christ which I feel is continuously poured out on me - I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

2.  Lately I have been truly convicted about my conduct and behavior.  Am I kind with my words?  Do I show love to both the people I love and strangers?  I think so many times it is easier to show love to strangers than to those that are closest to you.  How messed up is that?  Do I show love to my children at school?  Some of these precious little ones see me more than their own parents, and how many times do I have a bad attitude or become frustrated with them?  The past few weeks, I have really tried to take a step back, to evaluate, to think, and to be more kind with the words that come out of my mouth and to show more love to the people I love the most and to my children at work.  I am reminded of the verse in John 13:35 -

"By this all men will know that you are My disciples - that you love one another."

3.  Okay so maybe it is more than a couple.  Anyways, my attitude and showing love is all part of this conviction to love on purpose.  This may not make sense to anyone but me, but so often I feel like I am on autopilot.  I sleep, eat, work - that's it.  I wake up a week later, and wonder what I did the past week.  I feel so shameful that I did not live that week, day, moment for what they are - precious gifts from God.  I want my life to matter, to serve a purpose; therefore, I must live it on purpose.  I don't want to take anything for granted, and I want the decisions I make and the things I do to serve a greater purpose.  

So this Valentine's Day, I challenge you to look at your life and the chronicle of love in your life.  I also hope that these words are of encouragement on your own personal journey.

Have a great week on purpose!

Much Love, 

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