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So this past December, I turned 28.  I know all the jokes – in my late 20’s, getting really close to the big 30, etc!  Well I have decided to celebrate this getting older thing as I don’t see it as a bad thing.  Unless you know something about this aging process that I don’t, most people get older!  Most people say to look at a girl’s mother to see what she will be like when she gets older, and if that is true then I am truly blessed.  I believe that my mom has only continued to become more beautiful inside and out the older she gets.  So in honor of this milestone – I have made a list because I so love lists! 

28 Things To Do While I am 28 
(in no particular order)
1.        Go on a road trip – preferably up the east coast
2.       Live a RADICAL life for Christ!
3.       Tithe RADICALLY
4.       Be a better steward of what I have been given.
5.       Be more hospitable – we have been blessed with a great apartment and I feel like we need to share!
6.       Make a quilt! Or two or three.
7.       Open my heart again and maybe fall in love.
8.       Go on a mission trip!
9.       Design something new for A Daisy A Day.
10.   Grow our business.
11.   Plant a balcony sized vegetable/herb/flower pot garden!
12.   Read a few classic novels that I have never read, such as the ones on this list!
13.   Buy a sewing machine!
14.   Use the sewing machine and complete a project!
15.   Go to Blue Mountain College (my alma mater) for Homecoming – I haven’t been back since I graduated in 2007.
16.   Get a second tattoo.
17.   Become healthier – seriously!
18.   Take care of student loans!  One I can already mark off! Yes!
19.   Go with Candace to get her first tattoo!
20.   Subscribe to the local paper and read it!
21.   Continue to grow in my faith – more discipline!
22.   Get a free, natural tan!
23.   Spend some quality time with old friends!
24.   Make a DIY project for our apartment at least once a month!
25.   Apply again for a teaching job!
26.   Get rid of things I don’t need in order to live a simpler life!
27.   Go to the beach for at least a week this summer!
28.   Stop biting my nails!

Okay so you can follow me on Pinterest - I have a board dedicated to ideas surrounding this list! Or you can stay tuned here and I will try to update often concerning the status!

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