Beauty is...

Emily Dickinson once said that "beauty is not caused, it is."  I read that in a book yesterday, and it has been stuck in my head since.  I am almost certain I believe  this with my whole heart.  I believe that true and lasting beauty comes from a place inside - it radiates from your soul.  Audrey Hepburn knew this as well as she "believed that happy girls are the prettiest girls."  Beauty is not something that must be achieved by slathering on tons of cosmetics or putting on a fabulous dress.  Those things may make you feel pretty on the outside, but beauty is something that simply is.

To me beauty is....

Wonderful parents who celebrate 31 years of marriage today and a beautiful sister who turns 25 today!

This little girl is probably my favorite person ever!

The second "beaty boy" after Poppy (my Daddy)! He is just the cutest thing ever!

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