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So as a self-proclaimed "history-nerd," the idea of studying ancient civilizations fascinates me.  I am so intrigued by what life was like for people in different worlds and social structures, and most often we find out what we know about these people groups through archeological digs.  These digs brings us bits and pieces of what these ancient civilizations have left behind - many times we find etchings on walls telling us a story of these people.  Now that we have so many other artistic outlets of expression and so many technological outlets of expression (blogs, online journals, facebook), I wonder what we and more specifically I will leave behind for future generations to find so that they will know what our world was like.

At different times in my personal life, I become extremely reflective - what have I done if my life, did any of it matter, have I accomplished certain goals I have for my life, what decisons in the past have led to where I am now, and which, if any, of those decisions would I like a "re-do" on?  There is this aching desire in my heart to do something important - to fulfill some sort of divine purpose.  Not necessarily a purpose that will make me popular or wealthy but something that means something to me and perhaps to someone else.  I don't know if this makes sense to anyone else, but its where I am right now.  I want my life to matter in the grand scheme of things!  And I want to do something great - again not something necessarily great as defined by our society but perhaps my purpose is that someone who reads these words today or tomorrow or in years to come will be helped, encouraged by my simple ramblings.  Perhaps these blog posts are what I will leave behind for future generations to gather a glimpse into my small world and what it might look like. 

I have a feeling in my bones that perhaps some changes are coming my way in the near future, and while change scares me quite a bit, I will do my best to be prepared to welcome change with an open heart and mind with hope that these changes are for the best!

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