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So this summer, I am working part-time in an office with my Mom which means a little extra money and squeezing all of my favorite summer-time activities into the four days that I don't work.  You know all of the summer-time activities that are particularly thrilling to nerds like me.  For example, cleaning and reorganizing closets, catching up on my summer reading list (which would rival that of Rory Gilmore), spending as much time in the sun without resembling a lobster, and possibly disappearing into some form of inexpensive adventure.

So far this summer, I have started four books but finished 3.  The only one that I have yet to finish is The Book Thief, and I am looking forward to finishing it. Its intense and sad, but I will finish it. The 3 I have read to completion are The Fault in Our Stars, Beautiful Disaster, and Walking Disaster.  I absolutely loved all 3, and I love that the books we read throughout our lives shape who we are for better or worse.  Books allow you to escape to worlds and experience emotions without the commitment of living through them even though I often find myself entrenched in the worlds created long after the book is finished.  I can't completely separate myself from both the love and darkness Hazel Grace feels in Fault, and to say that I identify with Pigeon who is both attracted to and afraid to fall for the Disaster of a man in both Beautiful and Walking Disaster is the understatement of the century.

Now I am not going to say that you need to read these books because your taste may be completely different from mine.  I am just going to encourage you to read - read whatever it is that you find appealing.  It will enrich your life and your view of the world.  I thought, in the interest of inspiration and in hopes you will share yours with me,  I would share my summer reading list with you.

The Book Thief
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl 
To Kill a Mockingbird
Wuthering Heights
The Giver
The Secret Life of Bees
The Hiding Place
Number the Stars

If I read all of those, I have some classics that I would like to read at some point.  So as I said, I would love to hear about the books you are reading or planning to read.  Also for those of you who have children, Scholastic has a summer reading challenge you can learn more about here.

So nerds, go read a book.

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